Welcome to the future of yoga at home.

Sick of the same YouTube workouts?

Not sure if your pose is getting better?

Tired of expensive yoga instructors?

We are too.

Anyone: From beginner to expert, anyone can use yasa to immerse themselves in yoga
Anywhere: Whether you are at home or adventuring, you can take yasa’s instructors with you
Any style: We all enjoy yoga in many different ways. At yasa, there is always someting new to try out
Any class: While there is almost an endless supply of classes on yasa, each class is tailored to you
Any reason: During a quick work break or as part of your Sunday morning routine, yasa is perfect for scheduled classes or a quick breather
Anytime: Early mornings to late nights, yasa is on-demand whenever you are ready

A yoga experience like no other


Real-time corrections during class

Utilizing technology, we can give visual and audio feedback on your form throughout each session (as if there is a yoga instructor in your living room).


Personalized with your progress and goals

Through multiple sessions on yasa, we can give the best recommendations on your next classes and progressions towards your goals.

Ready for yoga
anytime you are

Yoga sessions on yasa are on-demand and ready at any-time you are. Whether you want to schedule your class, or hop right in - we have your back.

How do we do this?

Driven by pose detection, we are able to give you precise recommendations during your instructor or practice sessions to improve your form and stay safe.


As soon as you finish your first yoga session, you are able to get recommendations on various classes based on your form, style, and goals, at no extra cost


We know that yoga time is your time, and for no one else. All data used is private, secure, and meant for your eyes only. We will never use your data without your permission.

Looking to get on the list?

While the future of yoga isn’t here yet, we would love to give you a first-class seat when we do launch our closed-beta and give you updates along the way!

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